Show your talent

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Your video could be different with more sophistications and effects. The price will vary accordingly .

Piano lessons

Personalized teaching

Each student recieve an evaluation and a specific set of exercices will be assign to the student. No one has the same abilities so we make sure that the progress will be followed carefully by the teacher.

Video production

Low price High quality

Music band video, solo artist, TV commercial, promotional video, talent audition, wedding and other need that you may have.


Hihg quality at a very resonable price.

Song writing, Recording, Mixing

You sing, or play in a band

Any musical needs that you have ?

Full song writing.

Audio recording, mixing, mastering.

My music

The following are some pieces of music composed a few years ago.​

Music composition and instruments performance by Daniel Courteau

In my life
I just wanna say
When you call my name
Away from home
You belong to me baby
Life goes on
So long

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Vivre sans amour

You build my dream

She ran away

Stay where we belong

Get wild

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